Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Bathroom vanity mirrors have always been a core service of our business. Large mirrors over your bathroom sink have several benefits. They allow us to see ourselves first thing in the morning and prepare ourselves for the day ahead, while at the same time increasing the feeling of openness in otherwise small spaces. No bathroom remodel is complete without mirrors!

As times and tastes have changed bathroom mirrors have become bigger and more complicated. Leave it to National Glass to handle your mirror project professionally and correctly. Whether you are doing a full bathroom remodel, replacing a broken mirror or replacing an old mirror that has become foggy National Glass should be your first call. We can provide you new mirrors with custom cutouts for light fixtures, outlets and moldings to give you a mirror uniquely personalized for any situation. We can also provide bevels and custom edge work to add even more style to your project.

All of our bathroom vanity mirrors are fabricated right here in Southern California and are made of ¼” (6mm) thick material in a variety of edge-works to provide you with the best quality product possible.  

In the event that you have an old vanity mirror that has detached from the wall and become unsafe or you just have an old mirror that you want to have removed National Glass offers mirror removal service as well! Handling mirror is one of the most dangerous aspects of glass work, let our trained crews remove intact or cut your mirror on the wall to demolish it safely and dispose of it responsibly!

A custom vanity mirror installed above twin sinks.
A custom vanity mirror with light fixture and outlet cutouts during the installation process.