Custom Mirrors

While mirrors or mirror-like objects date back thousands of years, mirrors as we know them today only go back about 200 years. By applying a thin layer of reflective metal to one side of a piece of glass we are able to create these pivotal parts of our modern lives.

New bathroom vanity mirror with custom lamp fixture cutouts.

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Bathroom vanity mirrors, mirrors that go directly above a bathroom sink, are a pivotal component of every bathroom. Whether you have an existing mirror that is broken, spotty from water damage, are building a new house or doing a bathroom remodel, wall mounted vanity mirrors are a necessity you want custom-cut and professionally installed.

Wall Mirrors

Full wall mirrors, mounted floor to ceiling in dining rooms, entryways, and near stairs are seeing a resurgence in popularity and why wouldn’t they? The benefits of wall mirrors have been known for generations. They can expand the feeling of space in small areas, while changing the characteristics of natural light and providing a polished and refined look. If you have questions about how mirrors can benefit you, call us today!

A framed 1/4" mirror wall mounted in an entryway, increasing the perception of space in the hallway.
A new bank of mirrors right after installation at a local dance studio/gym, Valencia, CA.

Gym Mirrors

Whether it is an at-home garage gym or a commercial gym that serves hundreds of customers, a gym is not complete without mirrors. Convert your extra room or an empty garage into a gym or dance studio—with a couple of mirrors your dream can become a reality.

Wardrobe Doors

Closet wardrobe doors with mirrors are one of the most practical pieces of furniture in any bedroom. They have all the benefits of mirrors with the added benefit of separating your closet from living space. National Glass can replace broken mirrors in wardrobe doors at your house or in our shop. Often the same day. Call us for details.

Chrome framed sliding wardrobe doors on a bedroom closet.