Wall Mirrors

Immensely popular in the 1980’s, Southern California is seeing a resurgence in the use of full wall mirrors in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Interior Designers and homeowners are finding that by covering a wall with mirrors they are able to reflect natural light to brighten spaces while giving a greater sense of depth to a room at the same time.

Each wall mirror that National Glass provides and installs is truly unique to the customer, they are custom cut pieces where almost no two are the same. Custom cutouts for light fixtures, power outlets and light switches allow you to put a wall mirror on almost any existing wall in your house.

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In the event that you have an old wall mirror that has detached from the wall and become unsafe or if you just have an old mirror that you want to have removed National Glass offers a mirror removal service as well! Handling mirror is one of the most dangerous aspects of glass work, let our trained crews remove intact or cut your mirror on the wall to demolish it safely and dispose of it responsibly!

Wall mirrors next to an entry door highlighting the foyer in a home.