Gym Mirrors

An at home gym is a great way to stay in shape and add value to your home, and no gym is complete without mirrors. Throughout Santa Clarita customers are re-purposing unused bedrooms and garages to create their own personal workout rooms.

Mirrors in gyms and workout rooms allow you to focus on your technique and posture while expanding the room. The level off openness mirrors give a room give a feeling of being outside, while still providing the relief of air conditioning and heating.

Each home gym is reviewed by a member of our staff trained to find the best solution for your needs. Call us for a free in home consultation today!

In the event that you have old mirrors that have detached from the wall and become unsafe or if you just have an old mirror that you want to have removed National Glass offers a mirror removal service as well! Handling mirror is one of the most dangerous aspects of glass work, let our trained crews remove intact or cut your mirror on the wall to demolish it safely and dispose of it responsibly!

A yoga studio with wall to wall mirrors.