Foggy Windows

Do you have a window that seems to be dirty no matter how well you clean it? In the morning do you see water drops between the panes of glass on your window or patio door that you cannot clean? Maybe you have a window that has a strange piece snaking into the glass area from one or more sides?

These items are an indication that the seal between the two pieces of glass in your dual pane glass unit has failed. Early dual pane windows used different, less effective, weather sealants than are common today. Once the seal between the two panes of glass is broken it allows small amounts of water and condensation to get in through the gap. This water brings with it dirt, or in Santa Clarita’s case hard water full of mineral deposits, which then dries on the glass causing it to fog permanently on the inside.

The good news? National Glass can replace these defective glass panels without replacing the window frame or damaging the stucco around your window. Call today to find out how!

A dual pane window with water droplets between the glass panes due to a bad seal.