Glass Energy Upgrades

Did you know that if you have older dual pane windows that you can upgrade the energy efficency of your windows without getting new frames or damaging the area around the windows? When dual pane (sometimes called double pane) windows first came onto the market they were much simpler than they are today. Often those early Insulated Glass Units did not offer any sort of glass treatment at all to increase energy efficiency. They were simply two regular pieces of glass with an air pocket between them.

Today’s modern dual pane glass panels utilize a wide variety of “Low-E” coatings. These coatings are actually a microscopic layer on the surface of the glass, specially designed to reflect the heat causing effects of the sun outwards while reflecting the energy in your home back in.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can replace that older inefficient dual pane glass with glass that utilizes the latest industry technology, lowering your energy bills modestly or even drastically, at a fraction of the price of getting new windows or retro-fit windows.

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