Storefront Door Repair

Commercial Storefront Doors are subject to a lot of abuse. They are often in active service for decades, being used by dozens, hundreds or thousands of people a day. This heavy use results in several maintenance needs.

The doors can gradually come out of adjustment, causing them to grind or rub on the top, bottom or sides of the door frame and not allowing them to close fully. This allows air conditioning to escape out of gaps around doors and dust and dirt to come into the building.

The hydraulic closer that will automatically bring the door to the closed position can go bad in time and stop working. This can result in your storefront door swinging wildly open or closed, possibly injuring someone, or your storefront door could have difficulty opening or closing fully creating a security concern.

Storefront doors also need ongoing maintenance and repair for electronic access systems, locks, and emergency exit panic bars. When these issues come up or if you are a business in Santa Clarita that has a problem with one of your commercial doors contact National Glass today at 661-259-6444!

Commercial Door Pivot broken by high Santa Clarita winds in a Valencia business park.