Storefront Weather-Proofing and Resealing

It never rains in Southern California. Those are words that echo across job sites, both big and small in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles County. This attitude results in a large problem, especially in Santa Clarita’s multiple Industrial Parks, as when rain does come building owners and tenants find out that proper attention was not given to making sure that new commercial storefronts were installed with their proper weatherproofing barriers. This results in one huge problem, water is leaking through the storefront and into the building.

National Glass fabricates and installs commercial storefronts across Southern California. That means we know how to build them and what goes into making them as water resistant as possible. All of our full time technicians have been trained by the Sika Corporation, a nationwide producer of construction sealants, in proper sealant selection and application. We know it rains in Southern California.

When you have a storefront system that is leaking during a rainstorm call National Glass. Our technicians will evaluate the problem to determine what the best course of action to minimize future damage is.

Sealant gap at bottom of storefront allowing water in the building.