Specialty Shower Units

Do you have a unique shower situation or circumstance? Something that is out of the ordinary? National Glass prides itself in embracing challenging shower jobs. If there is a manufacturer approved method to obtain the unique look or function you are looking for we will find it.

Two common specialty showers are Frameless Steam Unit Showers and Neo-Angle Showers

Steam Unit Showers are heavy glass frameless shower units with ⅜ or ½” glass that fill the entire opening to a shower, completely from floor to ceiling. These units are meant to be able to seal themselves almost entirely so that the warm water of the shower can fill the room with steam, creating a steam room in your very own house! These shower units are considered to be very luxurious and are a common sight in homes across Southern California.

Neo-Angle Showers can be both heavy glass frameless showers or framed showers, but are more commonly frameless heavy glass units. These units consist of angled panels, often 135 degrees, and are very popular units to put into the corner of a room. This can maximize space and depending on the bathroom layout may be the most effective option available.

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A heavy glass steam unit shower enclosure with a return panel and oil rubbed bronze hardware.